Why do I need an insurance agent?

June 29, 2017

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I can do things on my own can´t I? I understand a few words and I can look them up in the dictionary … it can´t be that hard, can it? If the agent can do it, so can I! Why do I need an insurance agent? These are a few of the questions many people ask so why not read through this article first and then decide for yourself.

Insurance is not the most stimulating subject in the world, nor is it easy to understand the small print, especially in a language that is not your first. It´s also not easy when the written word is used in an entirely different context or when there is no literal translation from Spanish to English.

So, what do you need insurance for? What additional cover do you need? If you live in a community, what is covered … indeed is your community covered? What about your car, your life, your protection for self-employment or perhaps your boat. The list is endless.

In short, you need an agent for guidance and to have the confidence that someone is on your side. You need the hard slog of research taken away and the best of insurance policies with the right levels of cover. In-addition, it is easier if those policies are in a language that you understand, ideally your mother tongue.

So, what happens if you need to make a claim? Who do you talk to, what is the procedure? How long until repairs or claims come to fruition? Even after you have purchased a policy the benefit of having an agent you know and trust can often be your light in the darkness and support you by eliminating stress when you are making a claim.

Benefits of buying through an agent … They will

  • Choose the right policy for you and your family
  • Help choose the right company to issue your policy
  • Offer a choice of English or Spanish language for your policies
  • Have a real person to speak to should something go wrong
  • Be local, not just a premium rate telephone number
  • Update you on special offers
  • Update you when your policy needs renewing
  • Have you best interest should something go wrong
  • To speak in your own language
  • Prevent “lost in translation”

The trouble with insurance is you only need it when you need it and you want that process to be as pain free as possible. This is another time you need your agent.

Because they are on your side, they are on the end of a telephone and sometimes a skype call if you are unable to get to them in person. In short, your agent is your go to person when you need them most.

Life isn’t always plain sailing, which is why, we at Segurient Insurance have chosen great partners to work with, ensuring you have peace of mind. Our out of hours number is there to ensure you have help when you need it most.

Yes, an agent is your ally so call us on 0034 951 281 020 to find out more about our services.





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