My insurance policy is in Spanish … no comprendo!!!

May 29, 2017


When you live in Spain you’ll reach a milestone when you buy your first insurance policy locally. What many people don’t realise though is that depending on who you choose for your insurer you may be getting insurance documents in Spanish!

Case Study:

I can remember my first insurance policy and not having a clue what the policy clauses were.
I trawled through my dictionary, only to be more and more confused by words that were legal or jargon or had a double meaning … worse still, they were words that were both jargon and had dual meanings.  I scratched my head, felt totally challenged, bewildered and to be honest, a level of trepidation set in.  These documents meant nothing to me in the finite detail.
Let’s not forget, often there is no literal translation for some words … that took some time to get my head around, I´m sure you have found the same.
How on earth would I know if I had bought the right product.  I prayed I wouldn’t need to make a claim.  And I didn´t.
If I did, how on earth would I communicate?  Would I have to utilise the skills of a translator for each communication? How much would that cost.  It´s true that at times you are likely to need a translator … but for something as basic as a simple insurance document?  It´s ok I thought … I´ll learn Spanish, well communicating in everyday language and dealing with legal documents is a whole new ball game.  Yup, I was out of my depth.
This is the point where the euphoria of moving to Spain and starting an exciting new life hit the big fat reality check.  Real life stared me right in the face.
This is similar to many stories we hear as insurers. Clients can become easily confused as they don’t have the ability to read and understand their policy.  Thankfully things have moved on in the last 10 years in leaps and bounds.
Insurance companies recognise that it´s easier to produce documents that are easy to read leading to less errors and happier clients.
Not only can you get policies in your native language, but here at Segurient we can explain your document to you and help you through the choices you need to make to suit you, your family and your budget.
And in the unlikely scenario that you do need to make a claim, there will be no drama. Segurient will help you every step of the way and we will also have linguists to support you.  Let’s face it, we all value your business and want you to return.   To coin a well-used phrase … we don´t want to turn a mole hill into a mountain.  It´s in everyone’s interest to ensure that you have the minimum disruption.  After all, … that´s what you buy an insurance policy for.  To minimise your loss, disruption to your everyday life and to safeguard yourself as much as possible.
So, whether it´s car insurance, home buildings, contents, community, pet, car, motor bike, static home, travel, health life, commercial or a myriad of others, most policies will be written in your own language. Put your trust in us and let us take care of you and enable you to make the right choices to protect you, your family and your valued possessions.

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