Health Insurance For Residency

With Brexit looming ever closer, there has never been a more important time to understand the rules regarding residency should you need private health insurance.  To find out if you are not required to purchase a private health policy, please see the list at the end of this blog.

If you require private healthcare insurance, it will need to be a “Sin Copago” or “No Co-payment” product.

This means that the health insurance should replicate the Spanish healthcare system.

It is important to tell your insurer this so that they quote the right product.  Don’t assume that they assume your health insurance is for residencia.

Additionally, when you have your appointment for your Residencia, you will need you the following:

  • Your policy document in Spanish
  • A Certificate confirming your annual health cover
  • Proof of address {either escritura or rental contract} in Spanish
  • Proof of income {areas do differ, so check your local area}
  • Certificate from your bank – bank statements are usually not sufficient
  • Plus all the usual documents, NIE, Passport etc

Not everything is asked for at all appointments, but this is what is usually required and if you are refused and require an additional appointment it is time-consuming and can be costly if you are being supported by a legal representative and or translator.

So, what is a no co-payment health insurance policy?

No co-payment means that you pay no additional costs for treatment, except for your annual or monthly costs for your policy.

It should cover your medical appointments, investigative treatments, and surgery, plus any additional treatment that is needed, but it does not cover your prescription costs.

If you have a policy that asks for payments in addition to your policy costs, this is a no co-payment product.

Plan your appointment, take more information than you are asked for, perhaps the general terms of your policy to support your application.

This makes the job of the person at the police station easier to process your application and prevents disappointment if you are rejected and need to reapply.

Those people that will not be required to buy private any co-payment health insurance:

  • Those that are in receipt of a state pension, claiming under the S1 Form {via the British Government}
  • Spouse of the person that is in receipt of a state pension – that person, as a dependent of their spouse, provided that their dependent is registered at the time of the application of the S1 form
  • Those paying Autonomo/a or self-employed.  By being self-employed in Spain, you are paying into the social security system, therefore entitled to state health care, which is excellent in Spain.  Additionally, you may include your dependents.
  • Those who have a contract of employment.  This means that your social security is being paid by your employer.  

If you do not fall into the above categories, you will need to buy private no co-payment health insurance.

A great source of information is via  The Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain has a raft of topics to help expatriates in Spain.

It is advisable to enlist the support of a specialist {lawyer} to help you with your application as they are familiar with the application process and often know the local police station.

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