• House insurance

    • Here in Spain insuring your property is just as important as it is in the UK

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  • Vehicle insurance

    • Whether you drive a family saloon, a classic car, motor bike, motor home, business vehicle, we have the policy to suit your needs.

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  • Business insurance

    • Business insurance might seem an unnecessary additional expense, but it may cost you a whole lot more if you avoid buying any.

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  • Life insurance

    • The insurance we offer here at Segurient ensures that you and your family are covered no matter what happens.

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One to one advice

Not everyone who moves to Spain has the time or the inclination to learn the language and to many this can be a daunting prospect. Lack of language can make choices and decisions very challenging. At Segurient, we want to make your life easier, giving you time and the energy to enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

Policies for you, your family, your business and your life in Spain

Our job is a simple one of selecting the best insurance companies to offer you the best choice, quality of cover at the best price. That does not mean the cheapest, although it is not often we are beaten on price.

More than just an insurance company

At Segurient, we are not just an insurance agent. We like to add value to our customers. As we are avid networkers in Spain, and because of this, we have many contacts that can help you make informed choices when you need a product or service.

About Segurient

What can Segurient Insurance offer you?

Segurient Insurance is an insurance agent, specialising in helping foreigners living in Spain to source insurance to protect you, your family, your life and your business.  Most of your policies will be in English, taking the guesswork out of what is covered by your policy.

We work one to one with you, whether you buy a single policy or you choose to buy all of your insurance requirements with Segurient.

We value each client and appreciate you do have a choice.  Infact, should you buy more than one policy with Segurient, we will show our appreciating and give you a discount on your subsequent policies.


To sum up the service Segurient Insurance can offer you:

    • One to one service with real people
    • We value you and will call you back
    • Communication in English, tailor made to life in Spain for non-Spanish nationals
    • Most policies in English
    • Multiple policy discount
    • Cost effective, without compromising on quality
    • Out of hours telephone number
    • Support and guidance when you need us most
    • Knowledge point when you have questions not related to policies
    • Many years of experience in Spain helping you enjoy your life in Spain to the full
    • Partners chosen with the you in mind

Will be able to speak to someone in English?

Yes, we have a team of insurance specialists who are both Spanish & British nationals so English will never be a problem for you.

I am not a full time resident, do I still need insurance?

Yes, if you own or rent a property within Spain, then yes you require insurance as well as community insurance. Also, we can organise travel insurance whilst you are on holiday

What type of cover do I need for my business in Spain?

You are required to have public liabilty insurance and we can also advise you on the other plans that suit your current status for example, accident insurance to cover a self employed person.

I have full no claims insurance for my vehicle in the UK, will this be recognized in Spain?

Yes, provided you meet certain criteria which we can go through with you during our initial discussion of your requirements. In addition if you change your vehicle, we can help you process this.

Protect your world with Segurient

Expertise and service are two of the things we guarantee at Segurient. Quality is not always the cheapest. However we offer you outstanding value for money and comprehensive policies from leading insurance providers.

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